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Trans genderists are harmful to women.

A feminist roars discusses the attacks by trans genderists against radical feminists, and the underlying structural problems with “TERF”-speak.

When transwomen change the way they wear their head hair, remove their body hair, have cosmetic surgery, breast implants or a cavity they name a ‘vagina’ created they are reducing women to their bodies and the social norms imposed on those bodies.

By insisting they are or need to become women, transwomen validate archaic ideas about the female sex. It is true that many women also do this to function within the world but that does not negate the impact. Wanting to end women’s oppression demands an acknowledgement of this, as RadFems do. Many transwomen also seek to find ways to express their experiences that do not negatively impact on women. It can be done.

Here is also an entry from Ask A Radfem (an excellent tumblr, highly recommended) where the issue of “cis”-talk is discussed.

For a woman to be cis, she must be/identify/whatever as the feminine gender. She must innately have the aforementioned traits according to both the patriarchy and trans politics, or at least have those traits willingly. I shouldn’t have to explain why that is pure misogyny.

Gender was not fabricated by the trans politics, but by the patriarchy as a tool to control and dehumanize women. Trans politics just use it as well and also think it’s true, but that there are a few who are born with the wrong gender for the wrong body, trans. Those who have the same gender as they are “supposed to” are cis.

Why aren’t we doing anything about the Collapse?

Dead Wild Roses wrote a big-picture entry about the incoming collapse of Western society and why people refuse to acknowledge that the collapse of civilizations is a natural process.

r/mensright demographic study

No surprises here, MRAs are young disaffected white males. From Total Lez-Mean.

Trans Genderist Bingo

From Imperium.

Americans are so incredibly stupid part infinity

Americans are so anti-environmentalists that some truck owners have started doing something called “rolling coal.” This means their truck is polluting to an incredible degree by blowing great quantities of pollution in the air. They even do this against Priuses because they hate Priuses.

Hate the cops.

Why should kids be taught to hate the police? Because there are 2.3 million people in jail in the US right now and every single one was put there by a fucking cop. Some people talk about good cops and bad cops, but a good cop, a cop doing their job properly, still puts nonviolent drug users in jail for many years, totally ruining their lives as they lose their jobs, houses, cars, romantic partners, access to college, and become substantially less employable upon release. A cop doing their job properly still gives homeless people tickets for vagrancy which they obviously can’t pay and when a warrant is issued as a result an officer doing their job properly arrests those homeless people. An officer doing their job properly peppersprays and arrests environmental protesters so that logging companies can clear-cut old growth forests. An officer doing their job properly is evicting a family from their home as you read this because the parents’ jobs were shipped overseas so that the bosses could make eight figures a year instead of seven. Those people will become homeless, vagrancy tickets will be written, warrants will be issued… And then there’s the “bad ones”.

A debunking of the study on vervet monkey toy use.

You may remember a study which “proved” that vervet monkeys play with human toys differently depending on their sex. The study actually made many people believe this was a clincher proof that gender is real. Here’s a thorough debunking of this imbecilic study.

By the time I reached the end of the paper, I was forced to conclude that the authors’ conclusions had absolutely nothing to do with their data whatsoever. While the female preference for “feminine” toys is obvious, the males don’t seem to have a gender-preference at all. Furthermore, the female preference can’t be explained by reference to any features of the objects themselves, and even if it could, it would be a result of feature preferences that are species-specific (e.g., the pink face of the baby and the red color of the pot), and thus wouldn’t tell us anything about the origins of human gender-specific preferences. In short, the data tells us zilch, zero, nada, nothing. It’s a terrible experiment, but in the hands of the press, with some overly-eager scientists who ran a silly experiment and then came to conclusions that had nothing to do with it giving the press quotes, this research becomes a profound revelation into the origins of human gender.

Cultural relativism is racist.

This is a really great post by Independent Radical deconstructing cultural relativism and showing not only how it’s really racist at its core, but also how individualism prevents us from detecting patterns in other cultures that we can clearly see in our own. Highly recommended reading.

In order to defend practices such as burqa-wearing and female genital mutilation, cultural relativists represent such practices as a natural part of non-Western cultures. Cultural relativists would have us all believe that Arab women have been wearing burqas since the beginning of time. In reality, the Arab world was once the site of intellectual progress and religious tolerance, at least compared to medieval Europe (in which strict adherence to Catholicism was insisted upon.) As I said above, class divided societies tend to have cultures and ideologies that reinforce the status quo and these cultures ought to be critiqued on that basis. The Arabic world of the middle ages should not be exempt from such critique, but the religious extremism and violent misogyny of some Islamic countries in the modern era is at least in part due to the policies of the West. It is not purely a product of traditional Arabic or Muslim culture.


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