Religion is harmful.

Olly from without hyphens says something I wish more people would have the courage to say:

Religion is harmful, period. Do religious organizations do good in the name of their religions? Sure. Are their sound ethical devices in religion? Of course. Do any of those ethical devices require a deity? No, not at all. Just because religion gets some of the ethics correct, doesn’t mean that the way they got there isn’t harmful. Rather than evaluate the world we live in, you know, the one that EVERYONE lives in, and come up with common ethics and morality based on individuality, respect, and non-coercion … religion seeks to give us some “divinely inspired” guide to morality and ethics.

The only problem is this: who’s (sic) divinity are we supposed to listen to?

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  1. Bob June 18, 2009 at 07:42

    Damn straight

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