The Seven Cs.

Cat Farmer (hey, that’s a C!) has made a seven-point spectrum of people’s attitudes towards government and governance. His seven stages are:

Contemplation- Honest inquiry, observation, study, deliberation, as the formation of a sound ideological basis for the other parts of free governance. History has demonstrated that it is not enough to be free if one does not understand and uphold the ideals of freedom and voluntaryism as well.

Courtesy- The natural state of people: respecting other people’s rights and property.

Communication- The exchange of information and values.

Co-operation- This is the mid-point in the scale, as co-operation can exist both on markets and in statist, coercive systems (co-operation in order to exploit). To Farmer, co-operation is value-neutral, and applies equally to both sides.

Cajolery- The statist counter-point to Communication, cajolery implies the confrontational and emotionally-driven discourse of people in a statist system, the way in which people talk without ever discussing issues.

Control- Power plays, manipulation, kowtowing to authority… the counter-point to Courtesy.

Coercion- Threats, force, the gun. The counter-point to Contemplation.

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