Two powerful articles on the “War on Terror.”

J.L. Bryan uses a little roleplaying to put us in the boots of foreign governments to try to understand how American foreign policy has generated hatred against America. He even manages to trip himself up in how similar the reverse situation is:

Iranians are stunned to learn, via their news media, that the West is full of murderous killers driven by an extreme, violent religion. Apparently, these “Christofascists” are everywhere, and they hate Muslims for their way of life, especially Iranians. Iranians learn the West is full of groups that would kill and die for the chance to remake the Middle East in their own image.

(Hold on, I lost track of which was the real timeline and which was imaginary…OK, I’m back.)

The Nation has a long article on reports by veterans on the US Army’s murders in Iraq:

We heard a few reports, in one case corroborated by photo­graphs, that some soldiers had so lost their moral compass that they’d mocked or desecrated Iraqi corpses. One photo, among dozens turned over to The Nation during the investigation, shows an American soldier acting as if he is about to eat the spilled brains of a dead Iraqi man with his brown plastic Army-issue spoon.

“Take a picture of me and this motherfucker,” a soldier who had been in Sergeant Mejía’s squad said as he put his arm around the corpse. Sergeant Mejía recalls that the shroud covering the body fell away, revealing that the young man was wearing only his pants. There was a bullet hole in his chest.

“Damn, they really fucked you up, didn’t they?” the soldier laughed.

The scene, Sergeant Mejía said, was witnessed by the dead man’s brothers and cousins.

If there are any “soldiers” (murderers is the correct term) or “soldier”-lovers reading this blog, these are your heroes. Read about the exploits of your heroes in Iraq, naive idiots.

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