A smoking gun: taxation is NOT for “services”!

It is commonly said by statists that taxation is a payment for “services.” The natural reply, of course, is to point out that “services” do not need to be provided at the point of a gun, and that if these “services” are so great, then we should be left free to decide whether we want them or not.

But here is a smoking gun that makes all of this irrelevant. “US law” itself gives itself the right to levy taxation EVEN WHEN a person is residing in another “country” and has abandoned his citizenship:

P.L. 104-191 contains changes in the taxation of U.S. citizens who renounce or otherwise lose U.S. citizenship. In general, any person who lost U.S. citizenship within 10 years immediately preceding the close of the taxable year, whose principle purpose in losing citizenship was to avoid taxation, will be subject to continued taxation. For the purposes of this statute, persons are presumed to have a principle purpose of avoiding taxation if 1) their average annual net income tax for a five year period before the date of loss of citizenship is greater than $100,000, or 2) their net worth on the date of the loss of U.S. nationality is $500,000 or more (subject to cost of living adjustments).

What this piece of law tells us is that the purpose of taxation is NOT payment for “services.” It is an assertion of ownership of your labour by the State. It’s as simple as that! If you are rich and leave the “country,” you are depriving the State of its property (your labour), and thus must pay a punishment (taxes for 10 years to a State that provides you no “services”) because you “stole” their property by leaving.

The ruling class asserts property over the land, over your body and over your labour. It asserts control over all of your freedoms in the name of enforcing this property. Your right of free speech is dependent on your support of the State’s policies, your right of movement and your right of self-ownership are dependent on the State’s desire to accept or relinquish your labour, and your right of property is entirely conditional on the State’s own claims of property over the land you live on.

But at least we live in the Free World, right?

2 thoughts on “A smoking gun: taxation is NOT for “services”!

  1. nothirdsolution July 26, 2007 at 10:49

    It’s there for all the world to see. I’m particularly fond of citing that law.

  2. criminyjicket July 28, 2007 at 14:33

    if it was payment for services I’m getting screwed. This way I’m just being levied upon. I’m not sure I can live with that either, but good post

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