Policeman kills boy: not arrested.

In the category of “providing ammo against statist rhetoric,” you can use this news item to shut up anyone who claims that the ruling class is not above the law…

A Noble police officer who had responded to a report of a snake in a tree apparently fired the deadly shot while trying to kill the snake, according to City Manager Bob Wade.

Tracy said he initially thought he and his grandson were under attack by someone trying to kill them, so he put the boy into the back of a 4-wheeler and drove to his daughter’s house about 200 yards away.

“Then two officers came out of the brush over there,” he told The Oklahoman. “They didn’t tell us they were the ones who had been shooting or that they had shot him. They didn’t admit a doggone thing.”

The boy was taken to an Oklahoma City hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A resident of the rest CLane neighborhood called police after finding a large snake in a tree, Wade said.

Wade refused to identify the officer suspected of firing the shots but said the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation’s outcome of the investigation.

This is only one example amongst the thousands and thousands of cases of police abuse that happen every year: some minor, but many that result in the wrongful death of complete innocents. But cultivating a criminal class that is above the law is all worth it, because we’re protected from those OTHER criminals… you see, it all makes perfect sense.

The statists want you to just shut your brain off and not think about the news. The police is good, the police is here to protect you. Keep lying to yourself and eventually you’ll believe it.

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