The new duplicitous face of American war.

Not only is the American Empire not even bothering to declare wars any more, but they don’t bother to declare their armies either. According to AlterNet, a new disturbing trend is arising: private armies taking the place of soldiers when there aren’t enough of them.

If you think the U.S. has only 160,000 troops in Iraq, think again.

With almost no congressional oversight and even less public awareness, the Bush administration has more than doubled the size of the U.S. occupation through the use of private war companies.

There are now almost 200,000 private “contractors” deployed in Iraq by Washington. This means that U.S. military forces in Iraq are now outsized by a coalition of billing corporations whose actions go largely unmonitored and whose crimes are virtually unpunished.

The billions of dollars being doled out to these companies, Wilson argues, “makes of them a very powerful interest group within the American body politic and an interest group that is in fact armed. And the question will arise at some time: to whom do they owe their loyalty?”

2 thoughts on “The new duplicitous face of American war.

  1. raenur August 30, 2007 at 05:38

    Is it really so surprising though? With the war politically unpopular overall, it’s an ideal “solution” to employ hired guns to take risks, rather than American soldiers dragged or bribed into the military.

    It’s sad, but no more distasteful than using tax money to support a huge military machine on the whole.

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