Democracy is a horrid failure.

The 20th century was the century of democracy. Democratic government has been the dominant form of governance over the people of Earth for more than a century now.

Unfortunately for those who cheer for democracy, the 20th century has also been a century of unmitigated political failure. World-wide wars, drafts and murder on a grand scale, a tremendous growth of government deepening the unbalance of power between rulers and ruled, and systemized bureaucratic oppression.

In the age of monarchies, it would have been absurd to think that government could control people’s lives to such a degree that we are now accustomed. By their very nature, monarchies are hard to legitimize, and grow at a very slow pace. Democracy, on the other hand, has legitimized government through the lie of “rule by the people,” and has, because of this, attained heights of oppression that would have made the Founding Fathers of America throw up.

The ridiculousness of the democratic process only adds insult to injury. Not only are we controlled by a militarized police and a parody of a “justice” system, not only is our income (illegally and immorally) seized away for evil purposes, not only are corporations allowed to trample our rights thanks to the guns of the State, not only are our children indoctrinated by a system of government “education,” but all of this is established on the basis of a process even worse than American Idol. At least American Idol has some more or less expert discussion of the contestants’ abilities before people vote. We surrender our freedom to a popularity contest, and we’re supposed to love it!

The practical consequences of democracy are:

* The imposition of a monopoloid rule, which creates social warfare and strife at all levels.

* The trampling of the rights of the individual in the name of the “common interests” embodied by the ruling class’ interests.

* The use of force, because democracy is not sustainable in heterogeneous or large-scale societies.

* Because the ruling class controls the apparatus of democracy, it decides what choices you have or do not have. And then, in a show of circularity that pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes, they use the results to justify their own existence.

This last point is particularly important. The statists cannot use the excuse “well, people voted for this government, so that means they consent.” Not only is voting itself not consent (as it is an action taken under duress), but the choices themselves are those given to them by the ruling class! If I refuse to let you buy any car you want, and instead force you to choose between two (say, a 2006 Honda Sonata and a 1996 Ford Ranger), is your purchase based on consent? Of course not.

Now, some people (such as Anarchists of the Left) use the term “democracy” in a more general sense, to mean a rule by the people instead of a ruling class. This, of course, is erroneous. What they talk about is better described by “consensus” or “group decision-making.” The process of consensus decision-making is already used in many areas of society, and I discuss it here.

4 thoughts on “Democracy is a horrid failure.

  1. lsj521 December 2, 2007 at 22:14

    These days I’m amazed mostly at how the most oppressed of the population don’t see their own oppression. They willingly (and sometimes happily) give up even more of their dwindling rights because they think those in power know what’s best for everyone.

  2. fsk2006 December 3, 2007 at 02:07

    American Idol uses an election system that’s MUCH fairer than the election system used in political elections.

    American Idol uses “Instant Runoff Voting”, which is decidedly superior to winner-take-all.

  3. Francois Tremblay December 3, 2007 at 02:08

    Since only the State’s preferred candidates would be allowed to participate, it wouldn’t make much difference…

  4. roma38 December 6, 2007 at 08:26

    Definetly agree with this post, Democracy = Totalitarian Control, where the source of power is hidden under layers and layers of Total and Intrusive policies, structures and mechanisms. Financiars, Big Business, Politicians, Petty Beuracracies all impinge on the minutia of an individuals life. We are Totally enslaved with no means of freeing ourselves available.

    At least under Monarchies it was not so Intrusive and Total. And the source was clear. The King was doing it.

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