Our hope for the future.

I don’t like Capitalism, because I believe in free markets.
I don’t like Socialism, because I believe in cooperation over conflict.
I don’t like the State, because I believe in justice, peace, and security.
The Contrarian Credo

Just as all anti-communists looked forward to the end of politburo factions, and just as all anti-democratists look forward to the end of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and all other partyarchs, we likewise look forward to the end of capitalism, socialism and communism.

We look forward to a time when economic organizations are an issue of personal choice, not of social warfare. We look forward to a stateless order where capitalism, socialism and communism are dissolved as ideologies and allegiances, where choosing one’s rights and duties is no more complicated than moving from one city to another.

We look forward to the disintegration of kingdoms, principalities, states, counties, districts and municipalities, and to see people finally living for what’s real: their own values and their own morality. We look forward to the end of compromise and the beginning of negotiation, where the individual is no longer seen as a vote but as a human being with values that must be respected.

We look forward to the disintegration of the floating castles of the mind, which make men wage war and cultivate hatred against each other. We look forward to the end of people treating each other as enemies of a different faction, instead of individuals in their own right. We look forward to the end of culture and the victory of the information age. We look forward to that blessed day when, as Diderot famously said, “the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

We look forward to the end to the rationalizations for extortion, kidnapping, rape and murder. We look forward to a time when “peace” finally means something.

But after the dust is settled, what are our hopes for society?

We look forward to a true, strong and free America, without any States, united or not.
We look forward to real justice, not based on the tyrant’s law but on the natural law engraved in our minds. We look forward to justice given not on the basis of how much money you have or how famous you are, but on the basis of the truth.

We look forward to the establishment of infinite diversity in infinite combinations, a world where ideals are not the privilege of an elite decision-making class.

We look forward to the end of monopolies and trade privileges, to a whole society tapping into the power of voluntary trade to bring about progress, innovation, a higher standard of life and quality of life for all.

We look forward, most of all, to the return of a society based on respect: respect of the individual, respect of boundaries, respect of values, respect of privacy, and respect of a person’s integrity. We hold as self-evident that none should be forced at the point of a gun to obey a government that commits acts to which he is morally opposed, for that is the greatest disrespect of one’s values that one can enforce.

The State is based on fear and mistrust. Anarchy is based on confidence and trust. The State is based on coercion and control. Anarchy is based on peace and freedom. The State tells you to kneel. Rise up!

One thought on “Our hope for the future.

  1. roma38 December 14, 2007 at 07:20

    The problem is the State and its supporters despite the many problems they cause are not just going to dissappear. And while the State is in power, it increases its influence and individuals become dependent/reliant upon the State and in many cases are indoctrinated by the State to be in awe of it.

    The only hope is the State creates so many problems it becomes unviable and individuals step in to take on their natural role of self reliance and self-determination. However this can backfire and get people to adopt other Statist reactionary and destructive ways of Social Organization.

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