Policemen are “crime janitors”… / Do not be confused by names

“srf21c” posted in reply to my Omaha massacre entry that his favourite term for policemen is “crime janitors.” I think that’s a great term and everyone should use it! It perfectly reflects what the State police actually does, although there’s not enough emphasis on how immoral they are. After all, janitors don’t break down your door at 2AM because they got a tip that you might have a gram of pot somewhere. Janitors are better than policemen.

On a somewhat related topic,  Democracy Sucks had a great article on how statists use names to make other people believe that Anarchists are against whatever good values they believe government is fulfilling. Just because we are against the State does not mean that we are against the values that it is supposed to fulfill (but doesn’t). That’s an important lesson to remember.

One thought on “Policemen are “crime janitors”… / Do not be confused by names

  1. Jamie G January 7, 2008 at 20:54

    A few questions about market anarchy and voluntaryism (Finding your blog and reading Wikipedia’s articles are the first I have heard about these concepts. I am only familiar with you because of your ties to atheism). What is the market anarchist’s view on crime? How does market anarchy resolve disputes between parties? What would market anarchists do with habitual offenders of crimes like rape or murder… or even theft? Do MAs hold to the libertarian philosophy that most people are basically good and therefore capable of governing themselves without force or fear? I have lots more questions. If you are up to answer these and maybe a few more, please email me at jamie.guinn “at” yahoo.com. (http://myspace.com/jamieguinn)

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