Miltiaristic brainwashing redux…

Kent McManigal made an entry called Militaristic Brainwashing. In the comments section, a few class traitors showed their ugly little head, and I squashed them good. Here are a couple of choice quotes:

I made a commitment to serve this country in gratitude for the opportunities I got here.

Said opportunities apparently including killing brown people for plutocratic profit. And I really can’t believe that even a thick-headed soldier doesn’t realize who he’s serving (definitely not the “country” or the population at large).

You grew up enjoying the many freedoms so many others are lacking in this world, yet you condemn those who want to help protect them.

I can safely say I have never, ever condemned people who want to help me protect my freedoms. Of course, this whackjob believes he’s one of them… He thinks killing brown people who live half the world away protects my freedom!

How more cuckoo insane can you get?

Also posted on the comments section is my honest question to all soldier (not that I expect any answer that doesn’t have “you cocksucker” in it, given their intelligence level):

How does it feel to put your life on the line so that Haliburton and Lockheed Martin can make hundreds of billions of dollars and so that the US ruling class can expand its powers into the Middle East and attack our civil rights? In short, to be a total sell-out to the rich and powerful?

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