How can we end war?

How can this evil institution of mass warfare, which has existed for as long as we have had governments, come to an end?

The usual methods always fail. Persuasion does not work on people who believe in force, and therefore it does not work on government agents. Voting, which naive statists see as a form of voluntary change, also does not work, not only because it is based on popular aggregate beliefs (which, because of State indoctrination, are always very patriotic and war-oriented), but also because it gives no opportunity for actual change. You cannot vote to end a war, you cannot vote for anyone who wants to make profound changes in the system or even end a war. The current election shows this very well, with no candidate (apart from Ron Paul) who wants to end any war at all. No politician is foolish enough to bite the hand that feeds him!

Protests do not work, because politicians don’t care about protests. In a democratic system, the extent of free speech is that you have the right to complain, not to be heard or to actually change anything. Protests do serve one useful function, as it does make a show of strength and displays the popularity of a movement at that given time. Anti-war protests show that many people are against war, but politicians don’t care if many or even most people are against war, because the issue is far too important for them to drop. War is the health of the State, and if they start to back down on one war, they are engaged in a slippery slope that might compromise their jobs.

The only way to stop war is to hit them in the pocket book, to take away the means by which they wage war: the money they steal from us. To quote James Ostrowski:

[T]axation is the great enemy of civilization. How do you think Hitler paid for that army? With voluntary contributions? How did Stalin pay for the Gulag Archipelago? With baked goods sales?

Being against war and paying your taxes is as absurd as those people who profess to hate Wal-Mart but who go there every week to buy things. At least when you buy something from Wal-Mart you end up with a tangible, usable product- unlike paying for government, which only gives you crime, destruction and death!

If you starve the State, you help starve crime, destruction and death.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

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