The battle plan for Anarchy…

Satyagrahi has a battle plan for Anarchy:

An idea for the alienated urbanites is the snail-paced revolution of getting a piece of land and living on – and hopefully in – your own garden. Forget the money, and forget the taxes. Remember your children and forget public school.

For villages and small towns, form land cooperatives and commit to the creed of “one for all and all for one” in Direct Action Defense (”DAD”) that is organized to keep out all exploiters, interlopers and “developers.” Fight with boycotts, strikes, “bandhs,” hand to hand human shields, but eschew firearms, for by them do you descend to the level of industrialized murder.

Our land base – which includes water and air – is being poisoned and consumed by corporate cannibalism. Without a land base, we do not survive. So we might as well defend it with our lives now, instead of burying our children in it later.

The frontier of our battle is the mind. Our best weapons are framed as negatives: not this, not that. Self restraint. Self denial. Self reliance. Boycott. Tax refusal. Refusal of conscription and enlistment. Refusal of government services and support. Voting refusal. Ignore the State. Abandon the system. Starve it of cash, let it die of disinterest. If there is no money in the exchequer for bureaucrat salaries, they might have to work for a living. Every time you ask for something from the bureaucracy, you give it energy. Boycott it, de-energize it, immobilize it. Don’t accept its invitation to endless war. Renounce it.

Get a life of your own. Declare your right of self-ownership. This requires self responsibility.

Remove the sign on the back of your forehead that says “Government Property.”

Preach on, brother… preach on. This is our battle, this is our message. We just need to make people realize that.

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