Who are the biggest faggots?

It is obvious that Christianity is a religion based on faggotry. However, other religions also have varying degrees of faggotry. How do we figure it out, how do you measure that? This table on sexual repression by religion gives you all the information you need!

Based on the ratings, my tally is the following (higher=less dysfunction, 39 is neutral):

Universalist 56
Wicca 55
Buddhism 50
Methodist 40
Judaism 39
Islam 30
Baptist 25
Mormon 23
Catholic 18

It would be interesting to know if these ratings are proven by real-life data, i.e. if repressed homosexuals tend to flock to Catholicism, Mormonism, Baptist Christianity, and Islam, and if they are underrepresented in Universalism, Wicca, Buddhism and Methodist Christianity.  If anyone has any data on this, I would love to post it.

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