Anarchy is inclusive: collectivism is incomplete.

Social Memory Complex makes a good point about people who say that Anarchy is too individualistic and does not take any greater context into consideration.

Indeed, anarchism could never hope to function peacefully and beneficially if we were not already part of “something larger than ourselves”. Once we realize that the distinctions we draw are arbitrary, we don’t need contrived institutional identities like those offered by advertisements, teachers, recruiters, politicians, and bosses. We are part of “something larger” just by being, not by doing, let alone by certification and mobilization.

Authoritarians forget that the “something larger” they’re so interested in constructing is much smaller without each of our unique contributions. Coercion, repression, dishonesty all limit our individual abilities to fully express our natures in the collective. Parts of that “something greater” are trimmed and manipulated to make that “something greater” into something it is not. Controlled organizations cannot be spontaneous and are therefore less than complete.

What is anarchy but the sociological realization that all is one, and that no hierarchy or authority can improve upon that reality? Liberty is the political consequence of “the largest something”: the spontaneous sum of individuals freely expressing their natures within the body of humanity. And you have only to be yourself to participate.

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