David Gross on why he doesn’t pay taxes.

David Gross, of The Picket Line, gives us a copy of a speech where he discussed why he lives a simpler life and refuses to pay taxes.

You probably remember that early 2003 was when the war on Iraq had become more-or-less inevitable. Along with many other people, I was horrified by the thought of the magnitude of the suffering the United States was about to inflict with its “shock and awe” campaign and the increasingly blind, ignorant, and bloodthirsty thrashing about that our country was engaged in. But I was also painfully aware that as a taxpayer I was one small but vital part of the machine we were unleashing — that no matter how much I complained or voiced my moral opposition, as long as I continued to pay taxes, I was — in a practical sense — supporting the war.

For me, the tax line is about $30,000 per year. By using deductions for tax-deferred retirement accounts, health savings accounts, in some years tuition, and legitimate business expenses, I’m able to — legally and by-the-book — pay no federal income tax.

He also gives practical tips to achieve this, and relates how much happier and more abundant his life is since he simplified it.

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