Woman says she exists, government doesn’t believe her.

Yea okay, so you think this is from the Onion right? No… this is absolutely real. This woman is an American citizen, born of two American citizens. She does not have the original of her birth certificate, and the State Department won’t help her, saying that she does not exist. This is what happens when you live in a society where you need documents in order to have any rights.

Her name is Ula Geraldine Banks. She was born July 6, 1974. She has brown hair and brown eyes. But ask her to prove it, and she can’t. According to the United States, Germany and the rest of the world, she doesn’t exist.

Yet Thursday morning there she was, sitting in her living room, staring at photocopies of her German and American birth certificates.

“What else do I need? I’ve got everything,” she said, frustration in her voice.

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