If you live in Las Vegas…

.. and want to connect with some fellow Anarchists, you should read Rad Geek People’s Daily regularly, as he is in on the ground floor there. Here is a recent post where he discussed recent developments.

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  1. Soviet Onion September 18, 2008 at 11:48

    To anyone interested in doing student outreach, a friend of mine developed a really effective strategy for colleges. In addition to talking with students by the entrances and distributing lit on the opening days, try to sneak somebody into the dorms ahead of time, before anyone has moved in, and just slide the relevant materials under every damn door in the in the entire building. That way it’s right their faces as the first thing they see coming into the year. Being an anonymous present also adds an element of mystery that helps pique their interest.

    Likewise when you do the in-person outreach, you could also tailor your aesthetics to match some prominent symbol on the pamphlets (say a colored “ALL” symbol on an otherwise black and white pamphlet). That way people are more likely to draw the connection between you and their anonymous benefactors.

    Aggressive marketing? You betcha. Don’t be afraid to play dirty when spreading good ideas, folks.

    This would work equally well for every instance of students returning with a fresh mind, including winter and spring breaks.

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