Do people really believe in democracy?

Alex Ramos of The Freedom to Say 2+2 is 4 wrote such a good point that I think everyone should read it and ponder its implications…

In conversing with friends who are political and in reading some replies to criticisms of democracy, it is clear that people DON’T want the majority’s will to be done, the central creedo of democracy. Democracy is a system whereby leaders and laws are determined by the favor or disfavor by the majority, with the premise that a majority indicates significant support for a choice. It seems to follow that one who upholds democracy ought to value the premises of the system they support, right? A Democratist should thus want the system to be a fair representation of what most Americans want.

That is the polar opposite of the mindset I’ve been running into though. This election was particularly emotional for a lot of people, especially on the Obama side, and many McCain supporters will be pissed off at the results. I am willing to bet that if Obama had lost, his supporters would be griping many times louder still! Yet shouldn’t one be complacent in knowing that the majority wants this or that man?

So to these folks, there is a wrong choice and a right choice, and they have the right one and don’t want any of the people who would make the wrong choice to vote.

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