Blog posts I consider essential.

Once in a while I stumble upon a blog post that I think makes a point that is novel and very much worth thinking about, or explains something in an excellent and exhaustive way. Here is a list of blog posts that I think should be essential reading. If you want, treat this as a sort of awards for meritorious blogs, a sort of blog carnival all-stars. I may have posted about some of these before, but putting them all together like this should be good for newcomers and whatnot.

Before I list them, I should preface by saying that these are the entries that got my attention, and I don’t mean to say that they are absolutely the best. There’s no way I can read everything blogged about on a daily basis.

1. From Social Memory Complex, “Let the free market eat the rich!”, 29 May 2007

I always remember this entry very well because it was the first that really made me think a blog entry could become essential. Jeremy goes through all the mechanisms through which the State favours concentrations of wealth and why the free market would converge towards more equality. To me this entry will always remain a classic.

2. From Rad Geek People’s Daily, “Can anybody ever consent to the State?”, 8 January 2009

This is a very recent post, but one I think makes very interesting points about the concept of a State based on consent. Drawing from work by Crispin Sartwell, Charles Johnson formalizes a theory of consent and demonstrates that it is impossible to consent to the State. Stellar work.

3. From The Freedom to Say 2+2 Is 4, “Americans Don’t Believe in Democracy”, 15 November 2008

Sadly, this seems to be the last entry on this blog (or it is merely plunged in a long hiatus), but it’s a great entry to end on. Alex Ramos makes the excellent point that people don’t really believe in democracy, they mostly believe in getting their way. Democracy is actually just a facade.

4. From The Art of the Possible, “History of an Idea”, 2 October 2008

Roderick Long makes the very good point in this entry that the diseconomies of scale inherent in the market are countered by State capitalism, and that we must make a clear difference between the free market and capitalist plutocracy.

5. From The Art of the Possible, “Chomsky’s Augustinian Anarchism”, 4 September 2008

It’s funny, because I don’t actually read the blog The Art of the Possible, but they are so good that I end up reading their entries (linked from other places) pretty often. This one is also from Roderick Long and discusses Chomsky’s position regarding government and the contradictions therein.

6. From Human Iterations, “All Power To The Soviets!”, 2 November 2007

William Gillis reproduces a little-known article by Murray Rothbard where the man himself defends worker takeover of corporations.

7. From Instead of a Blog, “They Only Come Out at Night”, 21 December 2008

This is a very new blog, with few entries, but I thought this one was particularly good. Neverfox had a debate with Kinsella, and managed to trap him into a contradiction: Kinsella clearly states that anyone who hires another person to commit a crime, or otherwise participates in the final output (the crime), shares responsibility for it, but fails to understand how this equally applies to a business endeavor.

8. Special award for excellence in political blogging: every single entry on Once Upon a Time…

These are the blog entries that I like to use as references. Please submit other blog entries you consider “essential reading” in the comments section, if you have any. I might make another list with those too.

8 thoughts on “Blog posts I consider essential.

  1. Neverfox February 5, 2009 at 20:23

    Thank you for the ping, Francois! I’m busy writing a few more posts (I tend to work in bursts) so one of these days I’ll graduate out of “few” and hopefully on to “many”. I have an “Essentials” page link on my blog also that links some of my favorite blog posts and essays.

    I haven’t seen some of these other ones. I look forward to reading them all. Rad Geek’s is also one of mine. He and I had some interesting back and forth on that post, I recall.

    AOTP is defunct unfortunately but I’d grab as many articles as you can by Long and Carson (and sometimes they have comments to other posts that are great too).

  2. Anarcho-pragmatiste February 6, 2009 at 15:46

    Thank you François for this list. I am a little bit surprised than no Carson’s post is here (maybe because of his more complicated writing style).

    But, it’ll be very intersting for me to read and learn from these posts.

  3. Francois Tremblay February 6, 2009 at 15:48

    Merci Anarcho. As I said, you guys should tell me about other posts you like. I don’t claim to have the exclusive list. ;)

  4. Anarcho-pragmatiste February 6, 2009 at 16:41

    I agree!

    But in my case, I know more the french lanquage’s posts.

  5. Anarcho-pragmatiste February 6, 2009 at 16:43


  6. Francois Tremblay February 6, 2009 at 16:44

    You mean “posts in the french language,” not “french language’s posts.” That would mean that the french language has posts, which I don’t think is what you meant. ;)

  7. Anarcho-pragmatiste February 6, 2009 at 17:00

    You’re right! Posts in french language, in fact!

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