Right to remain silent?

According to iReport, a US journalist has been jailed, in the US, for remaining silent.

Dodson is being held indefinitely on $10,000 cash bail at Cheshire County Correctional Facility because he refuses to disclose his legal name to authorities per orders issued by Cheshire County District Court Judge Edward Burke on April 14 and 29 under docket number 09-CR-01825-1828.

“The first order states $10,000 cash bail and only when he reveals his name. In the latest order they have discovered his legal name, but again they say until he tells it to them, and tells them his address, he’s staying in jail. In both orders they refuse to schedule any more dates, including trial, in this matter. They will not see him for arraignment, they will not see him for preliminary hearings, and they will not see him for trial until he gives them his name and address,” said Dodson’s attorney Sharon Walker.

“The state has not even told me what they are charging me with at this point for over two weeks which Article 15 of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights clearly says that they are not to hold anyone until the charges are substantially and formally given to them,” Dodson said from a jail pay phone May 1 when he called in to WKBK-AM’s The Dan Mitchell Morning show.

One thought on “Right to remain silent?

  1. David Gendron July 10, 2009 at 15:59

    Now, USA is a communist state that jails journalists like Cuba or North Korea! ;)

    In Canada, in the AdScam scandal, the State try to force the journalist Daniel Leblanc to reveal the real identity of a source called “Ma Chouette”.




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