The State giveth and taketh away.

Two interesting items for you, on the theme of “The State giveth and taketh away”:

First, Chicken Yoghurt gives us an interesting image from a British protest. Apparently, what the medics give, they are also allowed to take away.

Second, Crispin Sartwell (some of you might know him as a well-known Anarchist writer) ushers in the new era of the Department of Being and Nothingness.

[T]he Department of Being and Nothingness constitutes a mega-agency composed of other agencies, blessed with limitless resources and a single task. Yes, as you know, the Department of Health and Human Services has merged with the Department of Defense into what we like to call a “phalanx,” or “legion” – the Department of Being and Nothingness – dedicated to a single goal: killing them, and keeping us alive.

Our mission is to make ourselves immune to mortality while we kill you. And our agenda is simple. First, universal single-payer health insurance on the model of Sweden. Second, deadly, irresistible force, a total technology of annihilation. We care. And we prosecute with extreme prejudice.

We linger beside you always, and rest assured that you will soon be seeing our billboards. We are able to look death in the face and both avoid and inflict it, like a fellow planting landmines near a middle school.

But we need, or rather require, your support. Really! We do! The Department of Being and Nothingness wants you, like all Americans, to kill them and cure us. We are at war, and public housing is rarely as horrible as it is depicted as being on television.

We need dental insurance for our seniors. It is the right of all Americans to have free access to whatever pharmaceuticals their whim may dictate. Buckle up; it’s our law. Helmet laws, gun control: these are health issues. So are our new incendiary anti-personnel devices setting specifically targeted peasants alight through the wonders of global positioning. Our bombs are so smart they need therapy, which in our America, is covered. We believe in large missiles delivering smallpox-laden warheads, and a safety net. You’ve got to be cruel to be kind, but it hurts so good.

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