Christians are bloodthirsthy.

Given the immorality of Christian doctrine, I’m not sure how this is a surprise or even information, but nevertheless: Christians More Likely to Support Torture.

Percentages aside, why are Christians always a healthy margin ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to waging war or brutally interrogating prisoners?

Two half-baked but possible explanations:

– Christianity has just as much emphasis – if not more – on justice as mercy, and its personal commands to be merficul do not necessarily apply to states and governments. Thus, churchgoers tend to have more binary understandings of good and evil, and are less squeamish about what they perceive to be justice.

– A high percentage of evangelicals live in the South and other rural regions where popular sentiment is more antagonistic toward nations and ethnicities believed to be “anti-American.” War and torture is much more compatible with their general support for strong national defense.

Here are the results for religion.

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