Nobel Prize winner won for… validating Anarchist economics?

Unlike Barrack Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for being a warmonger (like most winners of the Nobel Peace Prize), there’s one winner who actually won for a good cause. Infoshop reports that Elinor Ostrom, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, won for her work in the analysis of commons and how they flourish… something which, until recently, was considered an ironclad impossibility by the capitalist Establishment (as anyone who knows about the very badly named “tragedy of the commons” can testify).

Central to anarchist theory is the idea that parties with disputes will agree to third party mediation or arbitration of those disputes. One of the inanities of government is that any dispute between the government and private persons is adjudicated by the government itself. The evolution of common law went far beyond the ad hoc choice of an arbiter to arrangements that let parties know in advance how disagreements would be resolved. Disputes are inevitable: dispute resolution methods are necessary, and do evolve.

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