“Sex offender” label is an attack against children.

I’ve always said that the “sex offender” registry was evil and that most people on there did not deserve to have their lives destroyed. But there’s a lot more to be outraged about. The writer of the Classically Liberal blog shares his outrage about it.

In our new bizarre world of sexual offender legislation each child is a victim and a perpetrator. As the victim, they get no help, of course. The victim status is the excuse needed so that the sledgehammer may be used on the other child. So each becomes a perpetrator. They will be arrested; they will be forced into court. They are likely to be convicted and sentenced. They may be placed into the various prisons for children that have been established—places where they will learn what unwilling, sexual attacks are really like. They will be tortured by therapists and eventually released—maybe. Even that is no longer guaranteed under our sex panic. Today, someone who has served their sentence can then be held in preventative detention for the rest of their natural life because the mob demands it. And the politicians give the mob what it wants.

If our children happen to be released then the real torture begins. hey are branded by the cruel laws that opportunistic politicians imposed to satisfy fearful voters. First, the child will be photographed. His or her photo will be published for the world to see, much like the poor boy above. The government hit lists, called sex offender registries, will tell any would-be vigilante where to find this child. The address will be given, if the child is lucky enough to be able to live at home, and not institutionalized.

The sex offender laws will kick in and are guaranteed to destroy any ambition your child may have for success. Any attempts to better themselves, or become productive members of your community, will be throttled by these laws. Every road they try to pursue will become a dead end. It may be impossible for them to finish school. Any job they seek will require them to reveal their “sex offender” status to their employer. Any curious neighbor can find out the “crime” that was committed, though not the circumstances. Years down the road, this child, now an adult, will be listed as someone who committed lewd acts on a child. People will imagine an adult raping a child, not two children playing doctor.

Each time the child moves the police will help him feel welcomed by handing out fliers to the neighbors warning them that a “sex offender” is now living nearby. Rocks thrown through windows can be mild compared to some welcomes that are given. One young man in Maine, opened his door to be executed on the spot, by a stranger. His crime was that he, as a teen, had sex with his girlfriend. In puritanical America that is enough to make him a sex offender. For that he was murdered with his mother only a few feet away.

What this entry says is true. Even little babies are being tagged as “sex offenders” for life. Here are some more references.

Criminalizing Child’s Play

This report presents statistics on juvenile sex offenders, as well as details and references on 66 cases of the formal admonishment of children as young as four for behavior interpreted as sexual and criminal prosecution of children and teenagers for consensual sexual activity. This is a small sample of tens of thousands more cases like them across the United States and in some other countries.

Classical Liberal’s own list of entries on the subject.

Juvenile sex offenders marked for life

They were neighbors, aged 13 and 10, who played together in a toy fort at the older boy’s home. But one summer afternoon, the teen began talking about masturbation, then performed oral sex on the younger boy. He said they should do it again the next day. And they did.

Soon after, two sheriff’s deputies arrived at the adolescent’s Eastside home to read the seventh-grader his rights. Within two months, he was a registered sex offender, convicted of first-degree child rape.

Ethical Treatment for All Youth

“All our boys have been arrested. They’ve been reported by an adult, usually the mother of the victim. Some of them are incest kids, engaging in sex with their sister; their own mothers reported them…If you’re white and if you have the money, you go the mental-health route. You get a good attorney who pleads your case and you get some kind of therapy. When you’re poor, black, or hispanic, you wind up in the criminal-justice route, like kids in this program…”


the details of what my two sons did are not unlike the details of what I did out of furtive curiosity with my brother many years ago. But to many people, this is further proof of my ill fitness to judge the situation. From the beginning, several people voiced their belief that I “must be” a victim of repressed sexual abuse. Why? Because I chose to fight on my son’s behalf instead of rejecting him entirely. Because I wanted to continue to be his parent. Because I protested the endless repetitions of “disclosure.” Because I said the legal process was damaging. In this particular world, no ambiguity is allowed. Either one is on the side of the victim or one is on the side of the offender; there is no place between. To question is to betray.

Between my two sons, there was kissing, there was touching, there was oral contact (“sodomy”). There was a lot of looking. There was no penetration, no force, no threats. They are several years apart in age and the contacts occurred over several weeks. My youngest son confessed in tears that he’d enjoyed it, and was very sorry he’d gotten his brother in so much trouble. I have finally confided in a few friends this past year, and each one has asked me to explain, as though I knew, the difference between molestation and childhood sex play. “Lord, my brother and I did more than that,” one friend said, and went on to describe it. “What’s the fuss about?” asked another. “Too bad you don’t live in Europe,” a well-traveled friend said in sympathy.

Repeal Adam Walsh Act Laws ! , a blog dedicated to fighting against “sex offender” segregation. Here is a recent entry from there about “sex offender” myths.

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  1. Charma Brown July 30, 2010 at 21:28

    I believe that all men who work with children should be given a penile plethysmograph test to make sure that they are not attracted to children. Who would have ever guessed that congressman Mark Foley was a pedophile?

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