Don’t talk to the cops, don’t talk to the cops!

Remember when I posted videos from an ex-policeman and a lawyer telling you the number one best thing you could ever do when arrested was not talk to the cops under any circumstance? Here’s an article from Kevin Carson on the same subject. Cops lie, cops cheat, cops are all dirty assholes…

The cops created a deliberately misleading impression, confusing the Heenes with half-truths, to trick them into betraying themselves.

I wonder if the cops mentioned that polygraphs are inadmissible in most courts because of their unreliability. I wonder if they mentioned that it’s standard polygraph industry procedure to lie to subjects about how it works (namely, the real purpose of the baseline question).

A politically monopolized security industry works for the politically powerful. You’re not the customer. Since police lack competitors that could hold them accountable, you become a mostly defenseless means to responding to political incentives (in order to achieve the satisfaction of their own economic desires). Pending the dissolution of that monopoly, your best defense against predatory police is giving them as little to work with as possible.

Remember all this next time you deal with a cop. Any time a cop seems to be friendly and non-adversarial, to be “on your side” and just enabling you to “straighten things out” or “clear your name,” he’s probably trying to trick you into incriminating yourself. Don’t answer any questions, no matter how seemingly innocuous or trivial, and demand a lawyer immediately.

One thought on “Don’t talk to the cops, don’t talk to the cops!

  1. WorBlux February 5, 2010 at 21:23

    Don’t talk to cops!

    I don’t think it can be said enough.

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