The stupid things breeders say…

Alternet has a good article about the stupid things breeders say to non-breeders, and how to answer them.

6. “But it’s natural.”

It’s amazing how selective our society is about the “natural” things we promote versus the ones we scowl at. Nudity is natural — and banned. Hunting is certainly more natural than shopping, but most people wouldn’t kill a pig to get a Baconator.

It’s amazing how many people stupidly assume that, because breeding is natural, it should be universal. And yet that reasoning doesn’t work for most other things… just breeding.

One thought on “The stupid things breeders say…

  1. Grung_e_Gene March 12, 2010 at 18:11

    Polonium and Arsenic are natural perhaps I can get people to ingest some.

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