Blog posts I consider essential: the next generation.

About a year and so ago, I posted a list of other people’s blog posts which I found the most essential or interesting. Since then, I’ve added a few more to my list, obviously, and I wanted to share these with you also.

Obviously, which blogs I read or not read will have a major influence on who appears, so I apologize in advance for all the great entries that I’ve missed (please feel free to post in the comments about some great entries I have omitted, and feel free to post ones from your own blog).

1. From Rad Geek, “Libertarianism through Thick and Thin”, 3 October 2008.

An important entry where Rad Geek discusses the various degrees to which libertarian ideologies may or may not entail various cultural, social or economic positions (i.e. be “thin” or “thick”), and differentiates six types of “thickness” and “thinness” which have important consequences on how one ideology can relate to all others.

2. From Polycentric Order, “”Soft” and “Hard” Arguments Against The State”, 7 December 2009.

Brainpolice discusses the difference between libertarian arguments which limit themselves to proving a point but are easily worked around, and libertarian arguments which encompass a greater range of concepts and are therefore harder to defeat.

3. From A Division by Zer0, “Exploitation cannot be obscured in time”, 12 October 2008.

db0 thoroughly destroys the capitalist premise that business owners deserve to seize the surplus value because of the worker’s time-preference, and refutes the Misesian time-preference argument as a whole as well.

4. From A Division by Zer0, “What role does Capital play during production?”, 23 September 2009.

Another thorough destruction by db0, once again of the concept that business owners are owed the surplus value, but this time from the perspective of the labour theory of value, showing that all surplus ultimately reduces itself to labor.

5. From A Division by Zer0, “The Propertarian Double Standard”, 11 October 2009.

db0 wrote a short but sweet entry on the double standard that capitalists use when arguing property rights against left-libertarians.

6. From The Art of the Possible, “I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham”, 1 July 2008.

There are always great entries from TAoP to talk about. This one details how the Green Revolution goes hand-in-hand with the capitalist attack on the third-world and makes the world a worse place as a whole, despite the pretenses of the capitalist Green class.

7. From A Terrible Blogger is Born!, “Modern Procrustes, or consumerism is too important to be left to the consumers”, 17 June 2009.

rmagnum wrote an entry, drawing from many sources and influences, which seeks to show the powerful strand of “planning of the consumer” that has been going on in the American capitalist system: advertising, belief in big government and NWO, mandatory education, agrobusiness propaganda, the capitalist suppression of labor, consumeurism itself, and so on.

8. From Polycentric Order, “Anarcho-Capitalism Is Not A Form Of Libertarian Socialism”, 15 October 2009.

Brainpolice addresses the constantly annoying issue of “ancaps” trying to make us believe that they are really (honestly!) socialists, and that there’s really (honestly!) no difference between left-libertarianism and “ancaps.”

4 thoughts on “Blog posts I consider essential: the next generation.

  1. Db0 April 1, 2010 at 08:06

    3/8 go to the Division by Zer0? I’m honoured :)

  2. Francois Tremblay April 1, 2010 at 15:51

    Like I said, it depends on who I’ve been reading in the interval, as well as the entries I get recommended from other sources.

  3. rmangum April 4, 2010 at 16:39

    Thanks for the shout-out, and as well for the other recommendations!

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