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Seeing how big my archive of entries has become, I thought it might be useful for newcomers to have a list of some of the entries which I consider most important. I’ve made two lists of blog entries from other people that I value, so why not do the same with my blog?

These are the entries that I refer to the most, not the ones I like the best. Making a list of entries I like best would be a dicey proposition, insofar as I’d have to read them all again, and I really don’t want to do that.

* The manichean worldview.

This is where I detail what I called the “manichean worldview,” the view that there are “good people,” who can do no wrong, and “bad people,” who can do no right. This delusion permeates folk ethical and political thinking, therefore it is vitally important to identify it. I called it “manichean” not because of the ancient religion, but because of the word’s association with blackwhite thinking, a usage which has precedents.

* The atomistic mindset.

This entry concerns a particular kind of individualism, “atomistic individualism,” and why its evaluation of the individual in a vacuum does not fit reality. Atomistic individualism is the methodological premise of a great number of other ideas, including self-interest and the free market.

* The Non-Identity Problem.

My refutation of the natalist argument that we shouldn’t bother arguing about the rights and freedoms of future persons because future persons don’t exist.

* Some thought-stopping techniques.

Thought-stopping is a pretty common tactic, and this entry discusses some common forms of them.

* What are games conditions?

Games conditions are a way of relating to other people which is predicated on winning a game. I explain what that means, what it gives the rulers of the game, and how to identify when one is trapped in a game.

* Why religion is the product of faggotry.

Another entry where I detail a fundamental worldview, this time faggotry (that is to say, repressed homosexuality) and its perverted effects on many social institutions, and society as a whole though machoism. In retrospect, I don’t like the title that much: not for the use of the f-word, but rather for implying that religion as a whole is the product of repressed homosexuality, when repressed homosexuality is, at best, only a major influence.

* “Anarcho”-capitalists support sexual harassment: more on Block’s lunacy…

This is the entry with which I started my attacks against “anarcho-capitalism” and property rights in general: using a quote from Walter Block, who argued that sexual abuse of an employee was justified by the ownership claim of the boss. This has led to other libsocs picking this up as well, so I was proud of that. The ancaps still don’t get it though.

* The ice cream salesmen cometh…

My entry on refuting the accusation that antinatalist ignore the pleasures of life, and this bizarre attitude that not having children means “losing” or “giving up.”

* Why hierarchies are immoral…
* “Hierarchies are natural!”

Hierarchies are a fundamental concept in Anarchism, so I had to write a few entries about it. These address two basic statist arguments, being “why are hierarchies immoral in themselves?” and “wouldn’t hierarchies just form naturally?”

* Some considerations on consent part 1, part 2.

My elaboration on the necessary preconditions of consent, based on Rad Geek’s excellent work.

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