The Terrorism Quiz

See how many questions you can get right on the terrorism quiz. Fuck the US Army.

9. True or False: Revenge is an important cause of terrorism.

-True. For example, “The University of Toronto sociologist Robert Brym carefully studied all 138 suicide bombings between September 2000 and mid-July 2005. He concluded that in the vast majority of cases the suicide bombers themselves—whatever their ideological predispositions, or the groups that claimed responsibility—had lost a friend or close relative to Israeli fire. They acted, he wrote, ‘out of revenge.’” (Bernard Avishai; The Hebrew Republic; Harcourt; New York: 2008; p. 255.)

One thought on “The Terrorism Quiz

  1. Lori February 20, 2011 at 19:40

    The counterterror strategy over there certainly appears to be pure revenge. The standard Isreaeli response to a terrorist attack seems to be to kill the terrorist, plus whoever lives in the same building or on the same block, using weapons of warfare. The message they’re trying to send seems to be ‘hit us, and we’ll hit you harder.’ Maybe they should call it ‘tentuple indemnity.’

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