The new “in” thing: raising children like automatons.

The Last Psychiatrist gives us his take on the new “parenting” craze of raising children like automatons, “Chinese”-style.

I certainly am not saying forcing them to learn piano is bad, or bad for the kid, or that despite the disease that has infected you it won’t benefit the child– I’m not saying Chua isn’t right in her techniques. I am saying that what Chua is advocating is ultimately pointless because it is for a meaningless endeavor. The piano isn’t for itself, it’s for the “right” college, and for 99% of America the precise college you went to is as irrelevant as the beer you used to lose your virginity. Was it Bud Light or Stella Artois? Same bank account.

I feel you resisting my thesis, but no moment in time, at that moment, seems as important as getting into college, both to the parents and the kids. No one anymore celebrates getting a job even though that really represents your future lifestyle, limitations, experiences, everything.

You want your kid to go to a good college, of course I get it. But that monomania for college has to occur at the expense of something else. How much better/worse off are you that you went to your college and not your friend’s college? In this hypothetical you don’t play football.

And is that average class at an Ivy really better than the average class at a state school? I’ve taught at both: no.

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  1. bloggerclarissa June 17, 2011 at 21:04

    Many people have children simply because they need victims for abuse. Chua is obviously one of such people. She produced her own domestic slaves and had a blast torturing them. Now that they are growing up and are about to leave, she has written a book about her abuse of them. Instead of getting all reasonable people to spit on the abuser of small children, the book made her a lot of money and gained her a follower.

    And then we are supposed to respect somebody who has kids just to mistreat them and not respect people who honestly decide that parenthood is simply not for them and don’t have any kids. How ridiculous is that?

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