On sterilization, and the pitfalls of female sterilization…

I really like Feminisnt: she’s not afraid to plow straight into feminism and all its assorted anti-porn and anti-trans myths. In this entry, however, she addresses the issue of sterilization, and how female sterilization is much harder than male sterilization.

I got to watch one of my boys have his vasectomy performed, which was awesome, and took less time than getting a pedicure. Had I been supplied with a syringe of lidocaine and an autoclave, I could have performed his vasectomy on my kitchen counter using cuticle scissors, a crochet hook, and a soldering iron. He didn’t even need stitches afterwards, and while he spent a few days taking it easy, he didn’t need much pain medication at all. Vasectomy was easy to obtain for him, cheap, and didn’t have many risks or a long recovery time.

When my special day in the hospital came, it was a serious, all-day event, not like the “pedicure” my ex had gotten. I switched into a gown, and got an IV line started to give me a saline drip and antibiotics. It was done in a real operating suite, with my doctor, an anesthesiologist, and other helpers there to attend to me. I would have to spend most of the day in recovery in the hospital. (All this means that a tubal ligation costs loads more than a vasectomy. My tubal was 10-20 times as expensive as your average vasectomy.) The method of sterilization my doctor used was placing silicone rubber bands around my doubled-over fallopian tubes, which apparently has a shorter recovery time, and doesn’t carry the risk to other internal organs that a slip during a cut-and-cauterization procedure could.

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