Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy…

The Bump, a pro-pregnancy site, takes some time off helping you find a baby name and selling you useless crap to tell you about some “gross pregnancy symptoms”:

#8. The term “lightening crotch” will become a painful reality.

“I refer to it as the Cooter Basher. It feels like someone came up to you and used your vag for batting practice.” –aliciamarie

Next to labor, you really haven’t felt true pain until you’ve been kicked in the vagina by your unborn baby. Of course, there are lots of different possibilities for why this might be happening to you, depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re at. It could be due to baby’s repositioning in your uterus, or maybe what you’re feeling is some early Braxton Hicks contractions. Whatever the case, “lightning crotch” pretty much happens to all of us and isn’t necessarily a sign of anything bad. Consider it a rite of passage and try working on looking less shocked when it happens in public (because it will).

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