More essential blog posts.

I haven’t done a list of essential blog posts since more than two years ago. As for previous lists, this list has eight entries arranged in temporal order. Some of these entries are older than 2010, but they come from blog I started reading in the meantime.

I realize there is a lot of Kevin Carson in this list… I’ve never had any of Carson’s work on my previous lists, so consider his entries here as my way of keeping up with his great output.


1. From The F Word, “The Myths of Bedford v. Canada: Why decriminalizing prostitution won’t help,” August 7 2001.

Laura Johnston analyzes seven myths propagated about prostitution by the famous Bedford v. Canada case, and completely demolishes them, putting forward the radfem position that the decriminalization of prostitutes, while keeping the criminalization of pimps and johns, is the best solution to protect women from the violence and rape of prostitution.

2. From the Center for a Stateless Society, “The Green Revolution Saved Lives? A Poison Meme That Just Won’t Die,” April 2 2009.

I know I’ve been critical of the C4SS before, but I have absolutely nothing against Kevin Carson’s groundbreaking work in mutualist thought. This entry is an eye-opening expose of Norman Borlaug’s work.

3. From the Institute for Anarchist Studies, “Fragments of an Anarchist Public Health: Developing Visions of a Healthy Society by Marcus Hill,” July 7 2009.

Marcus Hill offers us a quite elaborate thesis on health care from a radical, Anarchist point of view, starting from first principles. It’s quite a long read, but there are many interesting ideas in it.

4. From the Center for a Stateless Society, “Health Care: An Anarchist Approach,” August 7 2009.

Perhaps his best entry of all the ones here, Kevin Carson gives a detailed account of the goals of a health care system, how the statist health care fails to fulfill these goals, and the steps an Anarchist society could take to fulfill them.

5. From the Center for a Stateless Society, “The Cognitive Biases of Hierarchy,” August 20 2010.

Kevin Carson discusses how being in a position of authority makes it impossible for people to be rational.

6. From Why I’m Sold On Antinatalism, “Personal Reasons,” September 12 2010.

Perhaps more suited as a FAQ, this gargantuan entry by filrabat classifies the various motivations and arguments for antinatalism, gives a detailed account of each, and his own opinions about them. Any way you cut it, this is a masterwork.

7. From the Center for a Stateless Society, “Why Self-Organized Networks Will Destroy Hierarchies — A Credo,” October 6 2010.

Another great article by Kevin Carson giving the reasons why hierarchies are inherently inefficient. An important fundamental article, especially useful against people who reject Anarchism for pragmatic reasons.

8. From Hagocrat, “Transcript of F-Word interview with Sheila Jeffreys: ‘Where have all the radicals gone?” May 18 2012.

This is actually the full transcript of an interview that Meghan Murphy did with the incredible Sheila Jeffreys. It’s a delight to see such intelligent discourse on the state of radical feminism.

SPECIAL MENTION: This time, my special mention for a truly great blog goes to femonade. I have listed entries from femonade before.

As you may remember, my previous mention was to the breath-taking blog Once Upon a Time… Please keep supporting Arthur Silber’s and FCM’s work whenever you are able.

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