Happy Killdozer Day!

I admit I was negligent in not celebrating Killdozer Day last year (here is the entry from 2010). Since I have an entry coming up tomorrow, I decided to do it one day in advance. And since this is an Anarchist blog, here is Infoshop’s rememberance of Killdozer and Marvin Heemeyer.

Now, I’ve said that people who hit the bottom and kill aren’t heroes and I stand by it. The total loss of life in the Killdozer Rampage? 1. Marvin Heemeyer from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Even though he could have trampled the police or pedestrians, Marvin reigned in his Killdozer, letting the flee. He had no need to kill them, they were just people doing a job, not his enemies. Marvin, his decades old business lost to him due to small town corruption, his pleas for assistance ignored, a man who had been dealt a shit hand by fate… did not kill or injure a single person. In his battle verses the construction machinery sent against him, Killdozer had gained the upper hand and had the other mechanical monster on the verge of tipping over. Instead of going for the kill and flipping the machine, undoubtedly injuring the man piloting it, he backed off, allowing it to settle back onto it’s treads. The machine quickly beat a retreat. Marvin repeatedly allowed the police to get out of the way, never shooting at them or trying to run them over. Had he killed someone, I wouldn’t be posting this thread again this year. He’d just be some crazy guy who went on a rampage.

Instead, Marvin Heemeyer is the father of the Killdozer, and though he may be gone his memory lives on in us! Raise a drink and wear your commemorative T-shirts.

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