An exited prostitute debunks Slutwalks.

Only a few months ago, many sex-positives feminists and some of the left were rallying to Slutwalks – they were reclaiming Slut as a word of empowerment, a word of satire, a word to say how sexually liberated they were.

Slut became the word of the moment, the word to show how trendy and ironic you could be.

But then some right-wing shock-jock call educated and middle-women Sluts and Whores for wanting basic health precautions.

Suddenly Slut is a bad word – it a word that shouldn’t said to nice women and girls.

But, it is really true that Slut has magically become a bad word for those who backed Slutwalk – or could be that it is only bad when women they can identify with are named as Sluts.

For as an exited woman – I have not noticed that the prostituted class are no longer branded as Sluts by the Left and the sex-positive.

We are still Sluts for anyone who believe that producing and consuming porn is some kind of human right. To get your precious porn, you must have the prostituted class made into Sluts – that is you must believe all women inside porn enjoy and were made to be sexually tortured and/raped and to smile through it.

We are still Sluts if you believe that men must have the right to pay or sex and do any form of violence – for the prostitute as a Slut does feel pain, was maybe or made to be with many anonymous men, as Slut she is beyond degradation.

We are still Sluts as you insist as prostitution will always exist – it may as well be put indoors, not for the prostitute’s safety or dignity, but so if it becomes normalise than maybe the violence can made invisible.

We are still Sluts as men have the right to buy any woman or girl in any country – without real consequences or sense that society think that could be a major crime.

Do those who were backing and marching on Slutwalks really believe the prostituted class can ever leave being a Slut, ever get access to being a full human.

Do you stay dress as Slut, as a minstrel image of what you imagine a prostitute or woman in porn looks like?

Do you stay say sex worker – and use that language to appear trendy, and to make all the violence and hate of the sex trade vanish?

Do you still listen only to the voices of pimps, of academics who listen to pimp-talk, to so-called sex workers unions that speak for pimps – do you still think the voices of exited women as not important?

Do you still think that porn producers and other sex trade profiteers should have Freedom of Speech – no matter that it is used to silenced and make invisible any voices of the prostituted class?

Would you still say it wrong to judge women in the sex trade, though I would not do it myself – I think every woman should have the freedom of choice to be in the sex trade?

Do you still say those words – do you still speak the propaganda of the sex trade?

If you do – then you class me and all other women and girls in or exited from the sex trade as Sluts.

And the only reason you say Slut could be a bad word is because it is not a label you want you or your friends to be call.

But the prostituted class can be Sluts for we are sub-human.

3 thoughts on “An exited prostitute debunks Slutwalks.

  1. Crossover at Eagles Point July 3, 2012 at 18:31

    If the trafficker-backed / supported / laced pro-prostitution advocates and supporters cry for freedom of expression so much, why are they fiercely laboring to silence those who have escaped. And if they are confident and proud of the well-being of the inside of their industry, why are they so afraid and aggressive in defense and attack when survivors / escapees tell their story? They would say by their actions that you survivors of exploitation are not worthy of this world. I would agree, but not because you are sub-human, but rather because you are worthy of far more than this world has to offer. You are princesses (and princes) worthy of a restoration and dignity only the Divine Lord Himself could give. I can’t wait till your day comes in full to receive such glory.

    • Francois Tremblay July 3, 2012 at 23:25

      Nice sentiment, but you do know this is an atheist blog, right?

      • Crossover at Eagles Point July 4, 2012 at 00:01

        :) Yes, I guess my comment may seem a little out of place on an atheist blog. Perhaps it may not be completely received by all who read or write here. But I’m compelled by compassion within to reply to this, because of the fire of advocating for exploited women and children that boils within me.

        My comments might at least give the opportunity for others (especially those who have been exploited) to see someone such as myself having a genuine, selfless compassion, caring about everyone equally without bias towards different backgrounds. I hope that my words come across this way. And I suppose if I claim to have a vibrant divine experience in my life that has very positive tangible effects, I would be shamefully selfish to withold it from anyone who might benefit from it.

        I do thank whoever is responsible for allowing me to share, and more importantly for me, the opportunity to read and learn from this post the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the author, whom I honor very much. Candidly, to hear her story and others like hers makes me want to be a superhero and do everything to make it all right and better. It shatters my heart to consider one day of what they have endured. They mean the world to me. Not to sound flaky, but they are true heroes in my eyes. They are why I do what I do in my advocacy efforts. (Thank you, author.)

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