One of the innumerable risks of existence.

It seems to be hard for people to understand that “giving life” consists of imposing an unfathomable number of risks on an innocent human being. Here is just one example of a life gone bad, and the decision that made it bad.

In 1973, Cowart was contemplating his future as either a commercial airline pilot or in real estate. He and his father went to inspect a parcel of land in East Texas, propane had leaked from a pipeline and settled in a nearby creekbed. Their attempt to start the car ignited the propane. Cowart was so severely burned and in such pain that when a nearby farmer came to render aid, Cowart begged him for a gun so that he could end his own life. Instead, he was collected by an ambulance (so extensive were Cowart’s injuries that the crew had to lift him by his belt). It was the beginning of a decade-long ordeal of Cowart. He was blind, helpless (he lost all of his fingers) and terribly disfigured. But it was his treatment that really seems to have been the worst.

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