Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

From the Onion:

The sweeping new law prohibits all living beings within state borders from being born with random genetic mutations that could make them better suited to evade predators, secure a mate, or, adapt to a changing environment. In addition, it bars any sexual reproduction, battles for survival, or instances of pure happenstance that might lead, after several generations, to a more well-adapted species or subspecies.

Violators of the new law may face punishments that include jail time, stiff fines, and rehabilitative education and training to rid organisms suspected of evolutionary tendencies. Repeat offenders could face chemical sterilization.

One thought on “Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

  1. myrthryn July 18, 2012 at 08:50

    Ha. Ha. Considering the recent Arizona law that makes virgins pregnant before conception, I thought this was real at first. Then I saw the light, or rather The Onion.

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