I love it when people blame the poor for their misfortune. This is particularly egregious…

The comments are also pretty funny. Most people found the post equally repugnant, but some still said pretty stupid things. Nothing as bad as this though.

From White Whine.

3 thoughts on “Hitlerious!

  1. bj October 6, 2012 at 13:05


    I was watching a show on overfishing, and American and European corporations pay African countries for the right to fish their waters. They take everything, and kill anything that is unsellable (dolphins turtles etc). This leaves nothing for the natives to sell, let alone EAT, so these people immigrate to Europe and North America where they can at least try to get a job. And all the white supremacists and conservatives bitch and moan about how those lazy immigrants are coming over here to ‘take our jobs’

    We create these problems with our insatiable demand for the world’s resources. Then we bitch and moan when the very people we have exploited come here looking for a better life!

  2. luna920 October 9, 2012 at 02:54

    How do they know the that the person is white

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