“Well, life isn’t fair!”

Philanthropic Antinatalism does a quite thorough analysis of the line “well, life isn’t fair!” that parents serve to children, like a tepid bowl of mushy oatmeal. The entry is so good, I wish I had written it.

They are saying, in effect, “there is no justice in this universe where I have created you, I cannot provide it, and so no matter what I may say to the contrary, my loyalty does not lie with you, and cannot lie with you, but rather with the life I have brought you into”. How can their true loyalty be expressed otherwise, if by the statement they mean in any literal sense that life is essentially amoral? This overlooked meaning is the most significant of the meanings, for it gets to the reason parents have children in the first place. It is from a loyalty to life and a biologically imparted love of the species that children are brought into the world, not from individual love…

This loyalty of parents to life, rather than the child, is eloquently expressed in the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, which mirrors the performative act “well, life is unfair”. Today we like to think that we are more enlightened and would never engage in child sacrifice. But “well, life is unfair” expresses the extent to which the natalist attitude and worldview must sacrifice the child’s interests on the altar of unchanging circumstances, personified as “life”, and the way in which it does so through a symbolic replay of human sacrifice.

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  1. bj October 19, 2012 at 17:44

    I read a right wing forum for fun, and recently one of the regular users decided to defend, or rather, promote, her belief that it is entirely fair and just to pass your disease onto your children.

    She was in the middle of harshly judging a woman with a degenerative disease (forget the name) who wanted to get sterlized rather than risk pregnancy. This disease has a 50/50 chance of being passed onto children, *and* carries the risk of killing the mother in the process.

    Our natalist friend had this to say, and I paraphrase:

    “well, I have this disease too, and I had three kids and yes it was dangerous but I am doing just fine. there is only a 50/50 chance of it being passed along to the kids, and they have not yet shown any symptoms. besides, ONLY JESUS WAS PERFECT, and for us to expect to be anything more is just wrong. we must accept our lot in life, etc etc”


    suffice to say, I sat there stunned
    first time I had seen someone defend passing a disease onto their children ‘cuz jesus’


  2. bj October 20, 2012 at 11:07

    horrible, isnt it?

    reminds me of show I saw on TLC – a man with a face-eating-tumour had 4 kids and kept having more!! asshole. how fucking selfish can you be. and he was worried sick that the next baby might be born with the tumour too. well i dont know, maybe stop having kids?????????

    btw I have been reading some of the radfem blogs
    love em!!!

    and fuck reddit trolls
    that violentacres guy got what he deserved
    i certainly hope that this trend continues, and that people just dont defend these vile misogynists based on ‘free speech’. yeah, the right to harass and post pictures of underage girls..that is such free speech!

  3. Lord Metroid October 20, 2012 at 16:19

    Life is fun, stop denying it!

  4. JR October 23, 2012 at 03:23

    Glad you like it. I have some new stuff up.

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