TV Writers Gone Sexist

This episode of According to Jim, where everyone learns that Cheryl was on a tape of “Chicks Gone Wild,” contains some… interesting quotes.

I’m gonna go home, get rid of my entire porn collection. It’s no fun when you think of girls as people with lives and families.

“Our boobs”?
You know, Jim, I’m pretty sure they’re my boobs.
(mutters) YOU KNOW, I MEAN, I thought at least, I’d have half of ’em. I mean, I know it wasn’t written in the wedding vows, but I thought I had exclusive viewing rights.

Cheryl, you cannot be mad at me for the way I’m being mad at you.

Hey, we paused it before we saw boobs, so no one has to go to hell or anything.

Do you think they did this on purpose, or did they not realize how much of the game they were giving away?

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