Capitalist prisons need prisoners as their end product.

This is a simple, obvious premise, but capitalists don’t seem to get it (the book The Enterprise of Law, for instance, which is really good at pinpointing the fundamental issues with the “justice system” but proposes the absurd solution of privatizing everything): when prisons are for-profit, prisoners become a commodity. This is what happened in Louisiana, which now has the highest rate of imprisonment in the world.

The motivation is money. Most prisoners in Louisiana are in for-profit prisons. The state spends $663 million a year on imprisonment; $182 million of that goes to for-profit correctional companies or contracted local sheriffs. Many small towns depend on the prisons to fund their law enforcement.

One thought on “Capitalist prisons need prisoners as their end product.

  1. William March 17, 2013 at 10:19

    It’s not a surprise that Louisiana has the highest rate of imprisonment in the world. Just look at their economy and demographics. Its entire population is comprised of inbred whites and poor blacks. The blacks are forced to turn to crime to make ends meet and of course, in Louisiana “if you do the crime you do the time.” In Louisiana those inbred whites believe that the the law must be enforced *at all costs* regardless as to how petty the crime. More and more crimes are now jailable offences there and in most other states in the South and Southwest.

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