What the radfem v trans activists war is about.

As you know if you have any interest in either radical feminism or trans activism, both sides are currently engaged in ideological warfare. There is a great deal of hatred between these two groups. The reason is pretty simple: radical feminism is against the construct of gender, and trans activists base their entire identity on gender. So there’s bound to be fights. Rainsinger discusses the war from the radfem perspective.

The bottom-line of disagreement between radical feminism and trans-activism, is that radical feminism does not believe that pharmaceuticals and/or cosmetic surgery can change a human’s healthy natal sexual physiology. This view is not based in hate of those individuals engaging in gender transitioning. It is based on being politically in opposition to the culture, the industries and the institutions which support gender transitioning as a cultural harmful practice, similar to being anti-female genital mutilation practices regardless of how socially sanctioned these practices may be. Some of us do see this as a violation of human rights, especially the increasing promotion of transitioning cultural practices onto children on the basis on no valid evidence, medical or social. However, since this is widely acknowledged as the crimen exceptum, we also fully acknowledge that we will always be lynched for it…

Certain groups of men have always behaved like lynch mobs and organised terrorists towards women who try to stand apart from male-dominant anti-female politics, individually or collectively. While many peoples can organise and gather together for all sorts of reasons, political or social, (even militant fascist hate groups seem to enjoy the right of free-association and don’t have their gatherings banned, and LGBT groups can organise conferences with both sex and gender segregated spaces without question), but women are not allowed to organise or gather together in male-free spaces no matter how small, for any reason whatsoever. Will they ban women’s quilting bees and sewing-circles next? The Afghani Taliban also bans women from meeting together for any purpose. Women, as defined in dictionaries as ‘adult human females’, have no right of association, no human rights, no legal rights, no civil rights to gather together. As in the medieval European witchcraze, this remains the crimen exceptum.

2 thoughts on “What the radfem v trans activists war is about.

  1. Fuck You September 16, 2013 at 08:17

    Radfems are homophobic against gay men, that’s why

    • Francois Tremblay September 16, 2013 at 14:40

      Radfems are not the one preaching the extermination of homosexuality through untested chemical treatments, though… As for homophobia, I have yet to read anything from any radfem that preaches against gay men. Do you have any references?

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