SNL skit “First He Cries”…

Here is the transcript of the SNL skit “First He Cries,” which makes fun of men’s attitudes towards women’s boobies.

Announcer: “First He Cries”. [ over SCROLL ] “The following docu-drama deals with a senstive social issue: mastectomy and its psychological effects on the men who must endure the anguish of living with “half a woman”.

Dr. Jensen: [ angered ] Oh, why don’t you come down off your high horse?! Larry’s going through HELL right now! You took away something VERY important to him!

Irene: My breast?

Dr. Jensen: Precisely! You see, breasts are very important to men — in our culture. Women with attractive breats are considered sexually attractive, and exciting. Now, some men like round breasts… some like pointed breasts… some like large breats, some like small breasts — although most men do prefer large breasts. But all men — I mean, with the exception of a very, very few — all men like their women… with two breasts.

2 thoughts on “SNL skit “First He Cries”…

    • Francois Tremblay May 15, 2013 at 15:01

      Same story as usual. A woman gets assaulted, and it has been determined that it’s her fault for not being sensitive enough to men’s needs. The End.

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