A great metaphor: women as puzzle boxes.

Sci-fi author Felicity Shoulders came up with a great analogy to explain why some men’s behavior is creepy: it’s because they treat women like puzzle boxes.

As far as they’re concerned, inside every woman, there’s a tasty Sex Treat™, and there’s some way to get it out. Some combination of words, of behaviors on the man’s part, some situation will pop that box open and the treat will be his!

Like every belief, this one has implications and consequences. A puzzler may continue to try and try and try to get a woman to sleep with him, testing different approaches and permutations, sure that the perfect solution exists — when in fact, he’s just being terrifyingly persistent in hitting on someone who he’s already completely alienated. He may learn generalized techniques from pickup artist websites or books, which make perfect sense to him because they use the same sort of puzzle/treat logic — and then find that real women he interacts with don’t respond as he anticipated, or even get offended, when he tries out his new techniques. A frustrated puzzler may stay in a platonic relationship with a woman hoping to stumble onto a way to get the treat, when he isn’t interested in the friendship for its own sake.

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  1. Etelka June 20, 2013 at 06:56

    When, as Chris Rock has observed, women decide whether or not to have sex with a guy in the first 5 minutes:

    (Also in this clip: “Yeah, I got a gut! There’s some good pussy under this gut!”)

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