From Akimbo Comics: “It’s not prostitution, we’ll be filming the whole thing!”

From Akimbo Comics.

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  1. Ayat Atan June 27, 2013 at 07:22

    This is a rather creative method of presenting the arguments against pornography. Additionally, might I include that no educated, sane, and dignified person would willingly participate in the production of pornography? Those who do are a slight minority and do not possess the cognitive capacity to analyze how they are contributing to the dramatization of inequality between the sexes. These are my two cents, anyways.

    • Francois Tremblay June 27, 2013 at 14:42

      I don’t really agree that anyone who participates in pornography is uneducated, insane or degraded.

      • Ayat Atan June 27, 2013 at 19:54

        Well, would you claim that the majority of those who participate in the production of pornography are wonderfully-productive, well-rounded individuals? They’re essentially rendering themselves into commodities and are simultaneously contributing to the enforcement of patriarchal standards. I realize that those who do participate in such activities are desperate and exploited; however, I retain the same amount of resentment towards both the “exploited” and the “exploiter”. The “exploited” bear no social responsibility and their inane exploits promulgate a series of detrimental attitudes towards women and their sexuality. I might have been a bit too brazen with my language, but I really cannot tolerate a woman participating in such socially-destructive activities in order to sustain a livelihood. This opinion may be irrational since one cannot reasonably expect an exploited woman to abandon such practices without external assistance…I suppose that what I am attempting to communicate is this: I rather starve and die over participate in an activity (pornography) that has a significant role in promulgating patriarchal attitudes and standards.

        • Francois Tremblay June 27, 2013 at 20:36

          I just think you’re plunging into victim-blaming, that’s all.

          • Ayat Atan June 28, 2013 at 19:51

            I am not victim blaming. I despise the patriarchal attitudes and the men who have the highest degree of control over the production of pornography (such as a director). The highest degree of culpability lies with these manipulative, vile men and the inane patriarchal attitudes that most people appear to internalize consistently. I already acknowledged that the women that participate in such activities are exploited and manipulated. I realize that they are victims whose circumstances ultimately bind them to a few options. I merely questioned the degree of culpability that these women retain due to participating in the production of pornography. Here’s a scenario to consider, seeing as how we are both anti-natalists: the majority of children that were the consequence of reproduction will one day become the oppressors themselves. They were initially the victims and were not intellectually capable of defending themselves against natalist propaganda, such as “life is a blessed gift”. Consequently, can we not reasonably conclude that those who do reproduce are truly victims? They received a lifetime’s worth of natalist indoctrination and are consistently under social pressure to reproduce in order to formulate a family. We can argue that this societal pressure is decreasing; however, it is a reality that natalistic attitudes dominate in every contemporary society. If we assume that the natalists are victims and we place no degree of culpability or punishment upon them, how are we truly expected to deter natalistic aggression? Do you truly expect that most human beings in contemporary society will embrace anti-natalism by being exposed to educative methods? I highly doubt it and even David Benatar acknowledges that it is highly improbable that anti-natalism will be voluntarily integrated into human society. In regard to the women who participate in pornography, they are comparable to the aforementioned natalists. They are both victims of their circumstances and are manipulated. You may argue that these two individuals are not comparable since the woman is more conscious about the nature of her circumstances than the natalist since she was not continually indoctrinated into becoming a participant of porn. However, the main argument is that both the natalists and the women are victims of their circumstances and should receive external intervention in order to prevent them from continuing on with their destructive behaviors. The intervention may encompass monetary support, among other things. In addition, the natalist and the women, along with the disgusting men that are involved, should be punished accordingly. The degree of punishment should vary and the women involved should receive the least severe degree of punishment. In the end, both the natalist, along with the exploited women and men, should receive enduring criticism and disparagement. Their reckless, self-serving exploits contribute to the collapse of the ideal of an egalitarian society and hinder feminists, along with anti-natalists, in liberating billions of women from the patriarchal, natalistic zeitgeist. I am sorry, but I’d prefer that a few thousand women starve and die in dignity rather than contribute to the promulgation of an oppressive entertainment medium that promotes an universal or societal patriarchal zeitgeist looming over billions of women. Do not get me wrong, I identify as a radical feminist and I suppose that I hold a deep-rooted contempt for the women that actively participate in their oppression…It’s not that I despise these women for a misogynistic reason. I am deeply disappointed in the state of affairs among women. I am fully conscious of the fact that they are victims. However, again, where do we draw the line regarding culpability? Am I expected to feel sympathy for any imbecile that doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to analyze his or her actions or to discontinue their destructive practices? Again, I state that any woman who is interested in preventing the promulgation of patriarchal standards should remain as far away from “sex-work” as possible. Starvation, which should be considered to be an act of sacrifice in order to further feminist ideals, should be undertaken, just as the anti-natalists have decided to not procreate, in spite of the mistreatment and societal disdain they have received. The anti-natalists have sacrificed their comfort and have chosen to endure social abuse over conforming or accepting anti-natalist ideology. In this regard, the anti-natalist, or the woman who chooses to starve over participate in the production of pornography, is more dignified than his or her natalist counter-parts.

        • Francois Tremblay June 29, 2013 at 02:40

          Yea… sorry, but I’m not going to approve of human sacrifice for my ideals. I agree with you on the other points, though.

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