Arthur Silber brings us a satire of the Obama administration’s belief that they can kill anyone, anywhere, for opposing American foreign policy. In this, they are admittedly no different from any other American administration, but their power is ever-increasing. Soon drones will be deployed against American citizens. How long will it take until Americans are declared “enemy combatants” and killed inside the US, as they are currently outside the US?

ENORD: I mentioned that I had a meeting with DO-DON’T recently. They reminded me how important my program is, and how important debates like this are to America, the greatest country in the history of the world! And they explained how they wanted to show all of you how transparent, open and serious this process is. The government’s expert panel of psychiatrists has been watching this program, and they tragically had to conclude that Johnny Mebbenuts satisfies all the criteria required for a finding that a person is a “lost cause.” Not just one or two of them, but all of them. If Mebbenuts continued to live, he’d be taking food out of your mouths, out of the mouths of your children! This crisis demands action. No one is happy about any of this, but the government wants only what is best for us, that is, those of us who are good, normal Americans. Your lives and well-being, and the lives of those you love including your children, are threatened by people who consistently demonstrate that they are Enemies of the State. And [his voice rises triumphantly] that’s the name of our new program segment: Enemy of the State! [On cue, the audience begins chanting: “Enemy of the State! Enemy of the State!” The chant grows louder and louder during the following.]

ENORD: I want to emphasize that all of this has been done in a completely open manner. You’ve seen all of it. You’ve heard Mebbenuts condemn himself with his own statements. No one made him say any of those things. He said what he truly and genuinely believes. He believes the worst of our government, the best government the world has ever seen! He believes the government is murdering people when it doesn’t have to! Can we have that — in America? [The audience screams: “NO!!!” Immediately followed by further, unanimous screams of: “Enemy of the State! ENEMY OF THE STATE!”

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