What makes a woman?

KittyBarber asks the pointed question: is anyone female just because they say so? Should we accept trans people’s claims just because they claim being of a given sex?

“And what does that mean to you, for women only?” I asked. I got the answer I expected; women, transwomen, anyone who “identifies” as a woman.

“So if the man who raped you walked in and told you he identifies as a woman, you’d let him in?”

(Much clearing of throat and hesitation)

“That’s a different issue.”

I said, “What makes it different? He IDENTIFIES as a woman. What more evidence do you need?”

“That’s just ridiculous.”

“OK. You think it over, and tell me what makes this boy a woman. His hair? His voice? His ‘ladystick’? Or is it merely his statement to you?”

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