The Atheist’s Religion: Life.

Dima Sokol makes his own analysis of the new atheist’s religion, the worship of life. Humanism is a lie.

“A universe without purpose should not depress us” – WTF?! So knowing all the history of life and the violence and futility all accomplishing nothing and for no reason should not depress us?! So, mister Krauss, what the hell should depress us then? The tests we failed? The jobs we didn’t get? The people we didn’t marry? What? I am sure you experienced setbacks and depressions in your life and knowing all of it was due to an inopportune event (your birth) in an unfathomably useless universe and happening for no reason with no justification given for either pleasures or suffering should make you utterly desperate to at the very least admit that we’re royally FUCKED. Don’t cry yourself to sleep (although I wouldn’t be fazed if you did) but at least have the honesty to not whitewash the 99.9% of the negative stuff existence consists of.

As for myself, I did this analysis a while ago, talking specifically about Dawkins.

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