Capitalism is sociopathic, but what can we do about it?

Duff McDuffee at Beyond Growth asks the perennial question.

Some solve this dilemma by actually believing in the capitalist ideology that “I am rewarded financially to the extent that I help others.” A very, very few seem to be actually doing this–more common is to use this line to justify their wealth accumulation as fair. In other words, most people are not truly considering the inherently unjust structures of labor (Losers) vs. capital (Sociopaths). Those that do take injustice seriously tend to create businesses that are actually employee owned, for instance. Or they create co-ops or non-profits, or super small businesses that barely turn a profit and too small to have any appreciable hierarchy, because putting good over “me” isn’t rational, in terms of maximizing self-interest/profit. Far too many others simply ignore the problem and join the Sociopaths by becoming content with accumulating wealth (i.e. siphoning wealth off of Losers and the Clueless), using the rhetoric of virtue to justify their actions as good.

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